Okunini Ọbádélé Kambon on Julius Malema & (so-called) Xenophobia in Umzantsi (South Afrika)



In this interview, Okunini Ọbádélé Kambon discusses Julius Malema & (so-called) Xenophobia in Umzantsi (South Afrika). He makes several points in terms of why xenophobia is a misnomer as if it was truly xenophobia, we would see the non-Afrikan owners of platinum and diamond mines attacked indiscriminately. We would see those non-Blacks who still hold the most fertile farmland stolen from the Blacks attacked and necklaced to the same extent that this is done to continental Afrikans from other neo-colonial cages. Okunini Kambon sets us straight with appropriate terminology that accurately describes the situation as well as his reaction to Julius Malema’s lecture on the situation in Umzantsi. If you want clarity on the situation in Umzantsi as well as a contemporary understanding of Black-on-Black violence (Black self-annihilation in service of white domination as discussed by Nana Amos N. Wilson) you cannot afford to miss this video. Purchase today and get up on what’s up!

Duration: 56 minutes, 21 seconds


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