The Origins of Afrikan anti-amerikkkan (Ebonics) from Classical to Contemporary Kmt




In this uncut footage, Okunini Ọbádélé Kambon gives an exclusive preview of his discussion on the Afrikan retentions (and innovations) in what is called “Ebonics” with the producers of the documentary “Talking Black in America” for the upcoming part two on roots and origins. In this discussion Okunini provides concrete example after concrete example of continuity of grammatical structures, phonology, morphology, syntax, lexical retentions and more from classical to contemporary Kmt (The Land of Black People) as manifested in mdw nTr, Wolof, Twi, Yorùbá and anti-amerikkkan Afrikan (Ebonics). You don’t want to miss this deep linguistic analysis from one of Ghana’s and Afrika’s most celebrated multi-award-winning linguists; with a bonus of TWO of his publications on the subject available for ready download! Purchase this uncut discussion with complete crystal clear audio NOW! You’ll be happy you did!


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