Ticket: Saturday Seminar Series #11: Common Elements of Afrikan Cosmology 2021/04/17 - 2021/04/17

  • GHS: 57.49₵


Are Afrikan people really one people? In this in depth discussion we focus on the common cosmological elements across Afrikan cultures to show we indeed are; 1) The Primeval Water, the Life-Force, the Void and Continuum, 2) Transmission of the Life-Force, 3) The Four Primordial Elements/Ancestors, 4) Chaos and Order, 5) Concert of Opposites Divine 6)Intelligence/Logos/Word

This class is one out of the most comprehensive series of classes on the Kmtyw (Afrikan=Black) worldview available online. To purchase the full learn-at-your-own-pace course, please click here: https://www.abibitumi.com/product-category/foundations-of-afrikanblack-thought/


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