SSS#22: Baba James Small - How to build Black Institutions and destroy the institutions of non-Blacks: Historical Precedents and How-to Guide, 2021/12/04

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Abstract: In this presentation, Baba James Small will discuss historical precedents for building Black institutions while passively boycotting the institutions of non-Blacks and/or actively destroying them. Rather than publish in the New York Times, Nana Marcus Garvey created the Negro World. What are the modern-day parallels and how can historical precedents inform our choices today on an every day level? Interested in learning more? Then sign up for this exclusive Abibitumi Saturday Seminar Series with the one and only Ɔbenfo (Prof) Baba James Small and prepare to go from information to transformation in terms of your daily choices in the interest of Kmtyw (Black people) and Kmt (the Land of Black people).


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