VIDEO RECORDING: Special Sunday Seminar Series #5: Skh and the Liberation of the African Mind, 2021/09/19

  • GHS: 119.99₵


Baba Dr. Wade Ifágbèmí Ṣàngódáre Nobles will provide a detailed analyses of “the Great Contamination” (Western Thought and Beliefs) as the source of the derailment of African (Be)ing with specific emphasis on Greco-Roman, Judea-Christian episteme and Euro-American psychology that necessitated the reclamation, reascension and revitalization of contemporary Black psychology. In the second session, with the aid of “The Island of Memes: Haiti’s Unfinished Revolution”, Baba Dr. Nobles will address the real issue for the global African family is “to be African or not to be” and explore the creation and establishment of the “New Normal” as the “Old African Way” in a world  infected with African negation and nullification. Through SKH, Baba will discuss the necessity of taking responsibility for defining, maintaining, and controlling every idea and institution that influences and/or impacts on the (be)ingness and agency of African people.

Recorded 19 September 2021

Duration: 1 hour, 56 minutes, 24 seconds


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