X-Live FM Interview: Libya's Enslavement of Afrikan=Black People in Perspective



In this hard-hitting interview, Okunini Ọbádélé Kambon addresses the continued enslavement of Afrikan=Black people as an unbroken phenomenon from antiquity to the present with copious ancient texts detailing the warfare waged against the indigenous Afrikan=Black people by their eurasian enemies. The racialization of anti-Black enslavement has deep roots as documented by numerous historians cited by Okunini Kambon. Through extensive research, Okunini Kambon pulls the veil off of the truth and reality behind the war against Kmtyw ‘Black people’ and how libya’s pan-arab agenda from independence to now is just another manifestation of the anti-Black chattelization war in service of eurasian interests.

Duration: 58 minutes, 6 seconds


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