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1804 Film Screening Discussion at the Lion House


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1804 Film Screening Discussion at the Lion House2018-11-03T04:52:31-04:00

Abibitumi ho Nkɔmmɔbɔ (Conversations about Black Power)


This month, we will be discussing the organization of our group and the first book we will study as a collective, dealing with reAfrikanization and dewhitenization on a behavioral level. 7 Lion Road The Lion House Afrikan Cultural Center, Accra, GH Every 3rd Sunday at 2pm GMT info@abibitumi.com +233249195150 https://www.abibitumi.com International Abibitumi.com Members can stream in live online in the Abibitumi.com Chat Room!  

Abibitumi ho Nkɔmmɔbɔ (Conversations about Black Power)2018-08-18T09:22:02-04:00

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