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All products at Abibitumi Kasa Market and Bookstore

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Abibifahodie Kuo [aK] Forum
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Abibifahodie Kuo [aK]

Abibitumi Kasa Contributors and Decision-Makers

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Dictionnaire Kikongo...

Abibitumi Wura

For Admins

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New Site Development...



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Susu Update

Afrikan Language Institute
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Submit your homework and work for review here

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Some language learni...

Afrikan Language Resources

Abibitumi Kasa Afrikan Language Institute Resources

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Language, script and...

Akan (Twi) Language Resources (1 viewing)

Akan (Twi) Kasa Nimdeε-Korabeaeε

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Berɛ Bɛn? ...

KiKongo Language Resources

Fôngo dia ndwêng'a Kikôngo

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Palenquero: A Kikong...

KiSwahili Language Resources

Mkusanyiko wa Lugha ya Kiswahili

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Kiswahili Proverb of...

Mdw Ntr Language Resources

Mdw Ntr Language Resources

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Wolof Language Resources

Jangukaay ju Xam-xamu Lakk Wölöf

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btv Auberge la Paix

Yoruba Language Resources

Akójọpọ̀ Ìmọ̀ nípa Èdè Yorùbá

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Sebótimọ Ẹlẹ́wà Sàpọ...

Afrikan Liberation Institute
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Information on ways You can participate in political activism to support Afrikans around the world!

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France’s Colonial Le...

Book Club

Abibitumi Kasa Book Club

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Oludumare by E. Bola...

Chinweizu's Corner

Chinweizu's Corner

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Erasing Black Histor...


Information on Afrikan Cultural Systems

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Dr. Marimba Ani Spea...

Dr. Kamau Kambon: Afrikan Liberation Philosophy

Afrikan Liberation Philosophy of Dr. Kamau Kambon

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Video: Dr. Kamau Kam...


Information on Afrikan Economic Systems

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Exclusive: Gold wort...


Information on Afrikan Educational Systems

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Kuumba Kids

Events (1 viewing)

Afrikan Events and Happenings

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Twi Study Group

Global Afrikan Presence

Information pertaining to the Afrikan Presence Globally

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Ancient DNA from Wes...


Information on Afrikan Healing Systems

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Toussaint L'Ouvertur...

Math and Science (STEM)

Information on Afrikan Mathematical/Scientific/Technological Systems

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This Kenyan company ...


Information on Afrikan Military Systems

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Biography of Ahmose,...


Information on Afrikan Movies and videos

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List of movies where...


Information on Afrikan Nationbuilding Systems

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Information on Afrikan Ideological/Philosophical/Psychological Systems

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Revolutionary Daily ...

Photos and Videos

Photo & Video Thread for Abibitumi Kasa Members

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Ethiopia 2015

Politics and Law

Afrikan Political/Legal Systems

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Communiqué of the Af...


Afrikan Repatriation Information Forum

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Prince Dynast Amir -...


Information on Afrikan Social Systems

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Revolutionary Black ...


Information on Afrikan Spiritual Systems

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African spiritual re...

Web and Graphic Designs

Links to and Images of Sites and Graphic Design Done by Abibitumi Designs

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Open Forum
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Top Poster of the Month

Top poster of the current month!

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Birthday Forum

Forum dedicated to celebrating members' birthdays.

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Drª. Marimba Ani sob...


Introduce Your Afrikan Self to the Family!!!

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How did you come to ...