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Afrikan Language Institute
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Afrikan Language Resources

Abibitumi Kasa Afrikan Language Institute Resources

Topics: 6,515  |  Posts: 7,391

The building blocks of an enti...

Akan (Twi) Language Resources

Akan (Twi) Kasa Nimdeε-Korabeaeε

Topics: 4,126  |  Posts: 5,561

Twi nnesua dodoɔ

KiKongo Language Resources

Fôngo dia ndwêng'a Kikôngo

Topics: 142  |  Posts: 653

African traditional religion a...

KiSwahili Language Resources

Mkusanyiko wa Lugha ya Kiswahili

Topics: 17.7 K  |  Posts: 18 K

Kiswahili Proverb of the Day

Lingala Language Resources

Topics: 58  |  Posts: 183

English-Lingala Vocabulary Qui...

Mdw Ntr Language Resources

Mdw Ntr Language Resources

Topics: 276  |  Posts: 816

African Origin of Civilization...

Wolof Language Resources

Jangukaay ju Xam-xamu Lakk Wölöf

Topics: 609  |  Posts: 851

Wolof Independent Subject Pron...

Yoruba Language Resources

Akójọpọ̀ Ìmọ̀ nípa Èdè Yorùbá

Topics: 656  |  Posts: 1,395

Company seeking Yoruba transla...

Afrikan Liberation Institute
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Information on ways You can participate in political activism to support Afrikans around the world!

Topics: 222  |  Posts: 625

[CALL TO ACTION] Support Women...

Book Club

Abibitumi Kasa Book Club

Topics: 143  |  Posts: 491

Two Thousand Seasons

Chinweizu's Corner

Chinweizu's Corner

Topics: 16  |  Posts: 141

Dynamics of Domination: 6 Step...


Information on Afrikan Cultural Systems

Topics: 1,452  |  Posts: 3,561

Comical Akan Twi translations ...

Dr. Kamau Kambon: Afrikan Liberation Philosophy

Afrikan Liberation Philosophy of Dr. Kamau Kambon

Topics: 710  |  Posts: 1,338



Information on Afrikan Economic Systems

Topics: 2,122  |  Posts: 3,378
  • Subforums:

Us Lifting Us Cooperative and ...


Information on Afrikan Educational Systems

Topics: 731  |  Posts: 1,438

Florida Gulf Coast University ...


Afrikan Events and Happenings

Topics: 645  |  Posts: 1,858

Twi Study Group

Global Afrikan Presence

Information pertaining to the Afrikan Presence Globally

Topics: 2,142  |  Posts: 2,552

DNA suggests 10,000-year-old B...


Information on Afrikan Healing Systems

Topics: 1,630  |  Posts: 4,293

Why is there no discourse on A...


Topics: 856  |  Posts: 1,466

Monster Kody aka Sanyika Shaku...

Math and Science (STEM)

Information on Afrikan Mathematical/Scientific/Technological Systems

Topics: 1,863  |  Posts: 2,766

T-Mobile Warns Customers Of SI...


Information on Afrikan Military Systems

Topics: 1,157  |  Posts: 2,231

Abibifahodie Asako (Capoeira) ...


Information on Afrikan Movies and videos

Topics: 128  |  Posts: 342

Ancestral Voices Film Series


Information on Afrikan Nationbuilding Systems

Topics: 280  |  Posts: 850

Abibitumi Kasasie - Building A...

Open Forum

AKALI Lounge and Open Discussion Forum

Topics: 9,548  |  Posts: 15.7 K

With Blackface and Monkey Suit...


Information on Afrikan Ideological/Philosophical/Psychological Systems

Topics: 1,404  |  Posts: 3,830

The Deep Thought of Baba Jedi ...

Photos and Videos

Photo & Video Thread for Abibitumi Kasa Members

Topics: 406  |  Posts: 1,514

Before the European

Politics and Law

Afrikan Political/Legal Systems

Topics: 737  |  Posts: 1,238

Title name ban: Occupy Ghana t...


Afrikan Repatriation Information Forum

Topics: 148  |  Posts: 886



Information on Afrikan Social Systems

Topics: 2,452  |  Posts: 3,797
  • Subforums:

Neely Fuller Jr- People Have D...


Information on Afrikan Spiritual Systems

Topics: 886  |  Posts: 2,798

Connecting Afrika//Akan to Egy...

Web and Graphic Designs

Links to and Images of Sites and Graphic Design Done by Abibitumi Designs

Topics: 160  |  Posts: 259

Abibifahodie Capoeira Intro Lo...


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