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All products at Abibitumi Kasa Market and Bookstore Forum Administrators: Okunini Ọbádélé Kambon, Kala_Kambon, Agya Kwadwo Tòkunbọ̀

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Abibifahodie Kuo [aK] Forum
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Abibifahodie Kuo [aK]

Abibitumi Kasa Contributors and Decision-Makers

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Abibitumi Wura

For Admins

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Afrikan Language Institute
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Submit your homework and work for review here

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Afrikan Language Resources

Abibitumi Kasa Afrikan Language Institute Resources

Topics: 6,529  |  Posts: 7,415

Igbo Study Group

Akan (Twi) Language Resources

Akan (Twi) Kasa Nimdeε-Korabeaeε

Topics: 4,129  |  Posts: 5,569

Tɔprɛfoɔ (Executione...

KiKongo Language Resources

Fôngo dia ndwêng'a Kikôngo

Topics: 146  |  Posts: 669

KiKongo Language Res...

KiSwahili Language Resources

Mkusanyiko wa Lugha ya Kiswahili

Topics: 17.7 K  |  Posts: 18.1 K

New Kiswahili class ...

Mdw Ntr Language Resources

Mdw Ntr Language Resources

Topics: 244  |  Posts: 833

Mines and Quarries o...

Wolof Language Resources

Jangukaay ju Xam-xamu Lakk Wölöf

Topics: 612  |  Posts: 857

Wolof Language Resou...

Yoruba Language Resources

Akójọpọ̀ Ìmọ̀ nípa Èdè Yorùbá

Topics: 658  |  Posts: 1,396

Yoruba Language Reso...

Afrikan Liberation Institute
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Information on ways You can participate in political activism to support Afrikans around the world!

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Book Club

Abibitumi Kasa Book Club

Topics: 150  |  Posts: 522

Oludumare by E. Bola...

Chinweizu's Corner

Chinweizu's Corner

Topics: 22  |  Posts: 153

Erasing Black Histor...


Information on Afrikan Cultural Systems

Topics: 1,446  |  Posts: 3,505

The Blank Slate Monu...

Dr. Kamau Kambon: Afrikan Liberation Philosophy

Afrikan Liberation Philosophy of Dr. Kamau Kambon

Topics: 712  |  Posts: 1,316

The Declaration of D...


Information on Afrikan Economic Systems

Topics: 2,183  |  Posts: 3,399

Imposition of the We...


Information on Afrikan Educational Systems

Topics: 817  |  Posts: 1,609

Mdw Ntr Adesua Kuo (...


Afrikan Events and Happenings

Topics: 630  |  Posts: 1,962

Twi Study Group

Global Afrikan Presence

Information pertaining to the Afrikan Presence Globally

Topics: 2,141  |  Posts: 2,537

Ancient DNA from Wes...


Information on Afrikan Healing Systems

Topics: 1,594  |  Posts: 4,130

Djehuty Ma’at-ra, He...


Topics: 891  |  Posts: 1,948

Africa: What’s in a ...

Math and Science (STEM)

Information on Afrikan Mathematical/Scientific/Technological Systems

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Abibifahodie Adesuab...


Information on Afrikan Military Systems

Topics: 1,120  |  Posts: 2,215

Cherokee Slave Revol...


Information on Afrikan Movies and videos

Topics: 150  |  Posts: 395

Abibitumi Kasa Media...


Information on Afrikan Nationbuilding Systems

Topics: 301  |  Posts: 860

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Information on Afrikan Ideological/Philosophical/Psychological Systems

Topics: 1,399  |  Posts: 3,785

Philosophies of Amos...

Photos and Videos

Photo & Video Thread for Abibitumi Kasa Members

Topics: 420  |  Posts: 1,532

Ancient Egypt’s Quee...

Politics and Law

Afrikan Political/Legal Systems

Topics: 751  |  Posts: 1,255

Communiqué of the Af...


Afrikan Repatriation Information Forum

Topics: 159  |  Posts: 923

Repatriats to Kenya


Information on Afrikan Social Systems

Topics: 2,411  |  Posts: 3,759

Great Pan-Africanist...

Spirituality (1 viewing)

Information on Afrikan Spiritual Systems

Topics: 869  |  Posts: 2,764

The Akan, ETs, Siriu...

Web and Graphic Designs

Links to and Images of Sites and Graphic Design Done by Abibitumi Designs

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Open Forum
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Introduce Your Afrikan Self to the Family!!!

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Sign up for this exclusive Abibitumi Saturday Seminar Series with the one and only Ɔbenfo (Prof) Baba James Small and prepare to go from information to transformation in terms of your daily choices in the interest of Kmtyw (Black people) and Kmt (the Land of Black people).