Honoring Ɔbenfo Kamau Kambon (Nana Kwasi Agyeman)

Ɔbenfo Kamau Kambon
(Nana Kwasi Agyeman)

Ɔbenfo Kamau Kambon
(Nana Kwasi Agyeman)

Sunrise: Sept. 5, 1943 - Sunset: Dec. 28, 2023

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The family of Baba Kamau Rashidi Kambon, also known as Nana Kwasi Agyeman, would like to share with you that on Thursday, December 28th, in Accra, Ghana, West Afrika, he made his transition and started his journey towards Ancestorhood in Asamando (the abode of our Ancestors).

Following our Ancestral tradition, there was a one-week celebration on January 4th, 2024 (Scroll down on this page to watch the replay). There will also be a 40th-day celebration of his life on Saturday, February 10, 2024. The celebration will take place at Besease Nkonguafi and Abibitumi Headquarters in Ghana and online (Scroll down and click the green button under Section 2 to pre-register to attend the 40-Day Celebration of Life).


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Date: Saturday, February 10, 2024

Time: 2PM Ghana/9AM Eastern Standard Time

Location: Abibitumi & online (register below for more information details)

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U.S. Gatherings
Sunday, February 11th, 2024
North Carolina
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To attend or get permission to hold your own tribute gathering, contact NanaKamau40thInfo@gmail.com

Dress Code: Red, Black, Green (Black liberation flag colors) or anything Afrikan/made by Black people 

One Week Celebration of Ɔbenfo Kamau Kambon (Nana Kwasi Agyeman) Replay

Gye Nyame

Abɔdeɛ santann yi firi tete; obi nte aseɛ a ɔnim n'ahyɛaseɛ na obi rentena ase nkɔsi n'awieeɛ, Gye Nyame. The procession of creation is from time immemorial. No one exists who knows its beginning and no one will live to its end, except Nyame.

Nyame nwu na mawu.

When Nyame (the Creator) dies that’s when I will die. Nyame (the Creator) will never die, therefore I will never die. Nyame (the Creator) cannot die, therefore I cannot die.

Owuo atwedeɛ, ɔbaako mforo

Death Ladder Death is inevitable Everyone will climb the ladder of death Everyone will die one day

Testimonies to Nana Kamau Kambon

Black Liberation!  That’s how we would always greet each other.

I am a little loss of words because this king is a father-figure to me. 

I just want to send healing energy and positivity to the family and thank the them for allowing this king to provide me with words of wisdom, while teaching me how to be a man and lead my family. I will never forget you, brother and your spirit will always live through me. 

Black liberation!

Bro Charles Little


Rest in Peace to Dr. Kamau Kambon. While some are watching youtube’s I was reading his books and refining my wisdom about the World. His wife took about 300 Black Psychologists to Ghana some years ago at the President of ABPhi.

Haki Shakur Ammi

Good Afternoon
Falcon Family we lost another good one. I just received this information from a Fellow Falcon.
To the Falcon Family who knew or had Dr. Kamau Kambon as an instructor. He transitioned on the 28th of December, 2023 in Ghana!
I worked closely in the Division of Education with him for many years. He truly left his mark and legacy at St. Augustine’s University and here on earth. He was a caring, knowledgeable and powerful individual.
Dr. Ajani Kambón and Dr Nataki Kambon you all are in our prayers. He will be missed.
He was highly respected and valued by people who engaged with him on and off campus and in the city.
Prayers to his customers, family, friends and former students and colleagues.

Crystal Bodie Smith


  1. My eternal bond, friendship, love, and admiration for Brother Kamau Kambon began the summer of 1994, when I met him in his capacity as co-owner of BlackNificent Books and More, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Unbeknownst to me, I would become his student the following fall semester at Saint Augustine’s College, in an elementary school teacher certification program. My family and I became regulars at the bookstore and in the many offerings of the later addition of the Bennu Cultural Center. Through the work of Brother Kamau and his beautiful family, I and my family met many luminaries in the Black Liberation struggle. Among them were Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Runoku Rashidi, Dr. Barashango, Dick Gregory, Ayi Kwei Armah, Neely Fuller, Laila O. Afrika, Del Jones, Dr. Claude Anderson, Ben Chavis, Dr. Fu-Kiau, Dr. Yosef ben-Jochanaan, and Dr. Khalid Muhammad. It was no small task to bring in these brilliant thinkers as part of Brother Kamau and Family’s mission to enlighten the Black community and move it to “solve the problem.”

    Against this beautiful backdrop of intellectual and cultural stimulation I realized that Brother Kamau was one of the truest, sincerest, brightest, and most resolute men I had ever known and am likely to know in my remaining years. There is no way to aptly articulate how much his friendship, wisdom, love for his family, race, and nation meant to me. He could convey so much by saying so little, which indicated his genius. His books are must reads and his words must be preserved toward the goal of Black Liberation. In our plenteous conversations at the bookstore, regardless of the topic, we always ended them with “Black Liberation.” He worked tremendously hard for this goal and challenged me to use my abilities toward it and I will honor him by doing so.

  2. Bro. Kamau was a living legend and friend. His courage and contributions will forever be etched in countless hearts. May his legacy continue to inspire action; and his memory be a source of strength to his amazing wife and children. Sending thoughts of comfort and support to the entire Kambon family.
    Peace, Blessings and Love
    Bro. Min. Donnie and Sis. Dr. Cynthia

  3. Meeting Baba Kamau was as though my late Grandfather whom I never knew or met reincarnated. I came across a few of his works on Abibitumi; The Declaration of Dr Kambon, and Duped Parents Part 1&2. My first live online interaction with Baba Kamau was during his presentations in Abibitumi seminar series and my integration in the Mbongi Community in 2021. He spoke very few words which sank deep into my consciousness and have served as a constant reminder to never forget who I am as a daughter of the Motherland. Meeting Baba again for the first time in-person during the Sankofa Journey 2022 was an honour and privilege. His counsel to me has served as guide and blueprint in mapping out my exit from the wretched land of aamw back to KMT. My interaction with him and the words of wisdom he gave me and the entire Sankofa Journey 2022 cohort, including his works will forever stay with me. Attending his life celebration today has made me realise that Abibitumi did not just start 17 years ago but it has been Baba’s lifelong fight to ensure that we (Kmtyw) are liberated from the biggest problem on the planet earth – aamw terror and domination. Baba’s transition comes five months after my Grandmother’s, I write this tribute heartbroken but confident that my Ancestors will carry me forth as I navigate this complicated life. I sincerely appreciate the Kambon family for giving us an opportunity to bid Baba farewell as he makes his journey towards Ancestorhood in Asamando. Baba you may be gone, my Nana may be gone but your Spirits are eternal. Bǎ rɔŋ ɔ̄ sǎrí (Go well)

  4. Medase pa to Obenfo Obadele and the Kambon abusua for sharing his baba with us on Abibitumi throughout the years. Most recently Nana Kamau Kambon held a Saturday Seminar titled Raising Revolutionary Boys to Manhood in which he gave us his wisdom as a warrior, healer, builder, baba, husband, kwk, of 80 years on this planet as an Afrikan man. I learned a great lot from him as he gave answers to my many questions. I will carry these lessons with me. For those reading, please support the family and Nana’s legacy by purchasing his publications (in video and written format) from https://www.abibitumi.com/product-category/dr-kamau-kambon-speech-lectures/ Ase to the grandcestor! Love to the Kambon abusua.

  5. My path in life has intersected with Bro. Kamau over the course of the past 50+ years. We both hail from Brooklyn, attended and played at the University of Rhode Island and dedicated our lives to education. He directed a program (Special Programs for Talent Development) for Black and Brown students to support them in their college education at the University of Rhode Island. I inherited the directorship after his resignation and was guided by his mentorship. He was instrumental in my decision to try out and ultimately play for a professional basketball team in Europe. We were able to stay in touch many times over the years by phone and in person. During our annual family reunion in Raleigh, NC, I was able to visit with him at the Cultural Center and Bookstore. He was beloved and eternally dedicated to his family and the physical, intellectual, and emotional liberation of Africans and the Diaspora. Bro. Kamau’s physical presence will be missed but his spirit and legacy will be with us for an eternity. Peace, Blessings and Love, Abu Bakr

    1. We would love it if you could speak about your personal interactions with him during the 40-day ascension ceremony on February 10th. Thank you for sharing them here as well.

  6. Nana Kamau, what a powerful man, who loved his people, family, our struggle and WE his extended family! Sending love and strength to my Kambon abusua kuo. Meda wo ase for sharing Nana Kamau with US! Rest in MAAT Nana Kamau. ❤️🖤💚

  7. Baba Kamau is a great brother I met him some years ago at Blacknificent Books and More in Raleigh NC. He was always concerned about the state of African people. Baba Kamau not only changed but saved my life with the information he exposed me to, the people he introduced me to. I told Baba “you are the realist black man I know” and if you say something he may ask you to explain it. I told him from the first day that I met him he has been on the case for his people he never changed he never pulled punches. He had an undying love for his people. Abibifahodie!! Abibitumi!!

  8. Baba Kamau Kambon’s wisdom and insight was unmatched. He had a special ability to make complicated subjects easy to understand and digest. Listening to him speak always gave me strength and encouragement. He was a solution-driven, courageous warrior on this physical plane, and now he is a mighty Grandcestor! Meda ase, Baba Kambon for your work and the legacy that you created. I send love and peace to the Kambon family. 🖤

    1. Baba Kamau Kambon is a true concept and idea factory. We will depend on the concepts he has left us and those that he will continue to inspire us with for generations to come. Yɛn nso, yɛda wo ase.

  9. I’m sending love and support to the family as they grieve the passing of Baba Kamau. I’m grateful to have known such a great person. Abibitumi and Abibifahodie ✊🏾