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The Declaration of Dr. Kambon
“We Must Find A Final Solution To Stop The Ethnic Cleansing Of Black People”- Baba Kamau Kambon, The Declaration.
When Baba Kamau Kambon’s impactful statements were made 10 years ago about finding the solution to the issue of global Black extermination live on C-SPAN, tremors were felt all over the world… and they still are.
His words were made at a discussion at Howard University, which was held in regards to the intentional abuse and murders of hundreds of Black people in the aftermath of Hurricaine Katrina. However, his insights have remained relevant (and “controversial”) a decade later.
As a follow-up statement and a clarification to misconceptions, The Declaration was written. Insightful, In-Depth, and equally as Impactful, this book is a 95 page extended discussion of his views on global white terror domination, discussing the historical, ongoing global agenda of the massacre of Black people.
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“We Must Find A Final Solution To Stop The Ethnic Cleansing Of Black People”
October 14, 2005
95 Pages

The following is about the occasion at which Dr. Kamau Kambon
said that “the killing of black people will continue until we plan to
exterminate white people from the planet.”
He made the remarks at the Pro-Black Media Forum,
Howard School of Law, October 14, 2006. We were there to
launch a National network that would be a medium through which
the views of Independent Black Voices could be showcased to
keep the National Black community informed 24-7, but
especially during crisis or national emergencies.
After four hours of statements by a multitude of Black
journalist. Dr. Kambon moved to the Forum to make a statement
that was truly heard around the world. . .
The Pro-Black Media Forum had been co-organized and
co-sponsored by Dr. Kambons’ Publishing Consultant, H. Khalif
Khalifah. He’d invited Dr. Kambon to contribute to the event in a
very specific way. That is to make a clear distinction between
putting fourth a “system” vs a program. He’d previously stated
that: “Black people continue to come up with programs in
response to the systems that white people have in place that are
killing us. When our programs are applied to their systems, they…”

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