Why Kemet (Land of Black People) Matters! (Revised 2019 Edition)

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There has been a concerted effort by many non-Black Egyptologists (and their anti-Black collaborators) to misinform, disinform, and anti-inform the world at large – and Afrikan=Black people – specifically by replacing the indigenous term Kmt ‘Land of Black people’ (rendered conventionally as Kemet) with the relatively meaningless “Ancient Egypt” and the term Kmt(yw) ‘Black people’ with “Ancient Egyptians.” This disinformation campaign obfuscates matters and renders virtually every aspect of Kmt ‘Land of Blacks’ and the Kmtyw ‘Black people’ meaningless and unintelligible. By using the name that the Kmtyw ‘Black people’ called themselves, we rectify this grievous case of academic malpractice and intellectual fraud, which constitutes one of the longest-running and most egregious gaslighting campaigns in the history of the world. In other words, we are restoring MAat as truth by listening to the voice of our Afrikan=Black Ancestors without Eurasian interpreters or interpretations. . In this talk, we will address this matter head-on and, further, provide copious information on the itrw Hapy ‘Nile River’ Valley’s foundational contributions to civilization in areas including, but not limited to, mathematics, science, literature, deep thought/worldview (a.k.a. philosophy), writing, combat sciences, law, history, astronomy, spirituality, music, agricultural science, kwk. This promises to be an “emBlackening” talk sure to stimulate further discussion, study, and research. Don’t miss it!

Duration 1:53:43

126 Slides embedded and as a separate document!

What: Talk on why Kemet ‘The Land of Black People’ (a.k.a. Ancient Egypt) Matters
Who: The University Community and beyond are invited!
When: Wednesday 24 April 2019 at 3PM
Where: CIEE, International House


1 review for Why Kemet (Land of Black People) Matters! (Revised 2019 Edition)

  1. Makiya Shani Shani Tamiya Mack Karimbocas

    I watched the presentation; it was Blacknificent, Blacktastic, specBlackular, Blackerrific, and so on. I remember seeing that white Tutankhamen when I was younger and even back then, it felt wrong. Plus he was ugly!! This presentation really showed me how FAR these krakkas have gone to keep us from our roots. It’s worse than I thought. One of my favorite parts of this presentation was when Okunini mentioned that Afrikan women were likely the ones who invented mathematics. Now, imagine if our sisters knew that, how we would uplift our communities and soar!! I’m now wondering, if we could teach black children about their TRUE descendants, they would excel in all subjects. To be honest, mathematics should be the one that EVERY black child excels in because of the link between that and Mdw Netr. Once you go further in math, you stop using numbers and it becomes mainly letters and symbols. There’s so much more I want to say but I don’t want to write too much. I will be studying the presentation pdf daily. O ṣé o!!!

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