X-Live Phone Interview on “pagan” origins of christmas

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In this interview, we go hard on how winter solstice celebrations became corrupted into celebrating the birth of an imaginary white man on a stick and how we have gone from reality to fairy tales. If you ever were interested in learning the truth about matters based on research and documentation rather than guesswork, this is the interview that YOU need to listen to.

Duration: 24 minutes, 52 seconds

2 reviews for X-Live Phone Interview on “pagan” origins of christmas

  1. Adjoa Malaika Gathoni Sankofa-Maat Malele

    It’s amazing how we are raised by our families to believe that anything Afrikan is ‘pagan’ , yet here we were celebrating a holiday whose origins are ‘pagan.’ Very insightful.

  2. Ɓatɨ-Ijɔ̄ Bɛsoŋ

    Mind blowing and eye opening information to reawaken our minds and rid them from false reality. A must have in every library of truth seekers. Meda wo ase para Okunini

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