“Afrikology” vs. sbAyt nt Kmtyw ‘Studies of Black People’: The Battle for Conceptualization




In this presentation, Okunini Ọbádélé Kambon goes all in regarding the move from the “Afrikology” (derived from greco-roman linguistic roots) in advocacy of the term sbAyt nt Kmtyw ‘Studies of Black People’. The latter term, being indigenous to Black people as well as having the advantage of incorporating Black people throughout space and time while removing non-Blacks from the picture. Using primary source texts in translation, Okunini addresses the significance of names and “Afrikology” etymology vs the etymology of sbAyt nt Kmtyw ‘Studies of Black People’. The core of the presentation addresses the implications of name usage in terms of who the land belongs to and what should be done about non-Kmtyw in Kmt ‘the land of Black people’. The presentation concludes recapping how the name we adopt influences one’s thinking and how one’s thinking influences one’s behavior. As such, we will either behave as though our land is the land of Black People or that this is a land conquered province of non-Blacks; how “Africa” was not adopted through self-determination/self-agency and finally a call for Sankɔfa in that Kmt was our original name and it directs us to correct behavior. You don’t want to miss this provocative presentation that will impact your behavior through redirecting our collective conceptualization of reality from isfet to Ma’at. Add it to your cart today and you will not be disappointed!


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