Foundations of Kmtyw Thought Lecture #5: Ancient & Traditional Accounts of the Beginning (2016)

  • GHS: 119.99₵


Week 5: Divinity & Nature: Ancient & Traditional Accounts of the Beginning
• Ancient Egyptian
• Bambara of Mali
• Yoruba of Nigeria
• Kuba of Zaire (Congo DRC)
• Dogon of Mali
• Fon of Benin
• Igbo of Nigeria
• Songye of Zaire (Congo DRC)
Reading: Kamalu, C. (1998). Person, Divinity and Nature. London: Karnak House., pp 103-130.
Griaule, M. (1970). Conversations with Ogotemmeli: An introduction to Dogon religious ideas. Oxford: Oxford University Press., pp. 1-40.
Obenga, T. (2004). African philosophy: The Pharaonic period, 2780-330 B.C. Popenguine, Senegal: Per Ankh., pp. 29-90.


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