King Africa Radio: Okunini Ọbádélé Kambon on Why Gandhi Fell at the University of Ghana



National anthem protests, #rhodesmustfall, #feesmustfall, #gandhimustfall. All of these were calls for Afrikan=Black dignity that were sweeping the world at the same time. Of all of them, the #gandhimustfall may be the one with the greatest potential staying power. Not relevant for one particular region or country, the face of Gandhi has become the ubiquitous face of India’s play for soft power in the proxy war with China and on the world stage in general. If you want to go to the MLK memorial, Gandhi’s there. The African Renaissance Statue in Senegal, he’s there too. Why is a lifelong rabid anti-Black pro-indo-aryan Gandhi shoved down the throats of Afrikan=Black people and how did a cadre of committed Black people fight back at the University of Ghana to rid themselves of the odious stench of his putrid stature from campus? In this video, Okunini Kambon gives the most thorough breakdown, background, and timeline detailing the ins and outs of how it all went down. Educate yourself by purchasing this video so that you can defend the Black race in the face of neo-colonialism dressed up as anti-imperialism–the face of Gandhi wherever he rears his ugly head.

Duration: 49 minutes, 58 seconds


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