Learn-at-Your-Own-Pace Conversational Akan (Twi) Class [Offline]


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Intensive Introductory Conversational Akan (Twi) [Offline]

Full 8 class set of Intensive Intro Conversational Twi on a Learn-at-Your-Own-Pace format featuring 8 PDF
documents with embedded mp3 audio and exercises on topics such as name,
what you do, what you like, where you’re from, where you live,
greetings, age, descriptions, exams, pronunciation, new vocab,
common expression and more!

Requires free Adobe Reader 9 or later available for free from: http://get.adobe.com/reader/ 

To check out a sample page from the lesson, visit: http://www.abibitumikasa.com/sampletwi.pdf

Classes are structured as follows:

Nk¡mm¡die Akan (Twi) Adesua Nhyehy¢¢

Conversational Akan (Twi) Course Syllabus

1. Adesuade¢ a ¢di kan: Twi
Kasa nnyegye¢ (Sounds of the Twi language), Ns¢mfua afofor¡ (new words)

2. Adesuade¢ a ¢t¡ so mmienu: Ap¡muden
ho nkyea (asking after one’s health); Mmer¢ ahodo¡ nkyea (greetings for
various times)

3. Adesuade¢ a ¢t¡ so mmi¢nsa: Wo
din (Your name)

4. Adesuade¢ a ¢t¡ so nnan: Baabi
a wofiri (Where you’re from); Baabi a wote (Where you live)

5. Adesuade¢ a ¢t¡ so nnum: De¢
wop¢ (That which you like)

6. Adesuade¢ a ¢t¡ so nsia: De¢
woy¢ (That which you do)

7. Adesuade¢ a ¢t¡ so nson: Mfe¢
a woadi (The years that you have lived (age)); Wo ho as¢m (Description); S¢nea
wo nipadua te¢ (How your body is)

8. Adesuade¢ a ¢t¡ so nw¡twe: Twi
Ns¡hw¢ (Twi exam)


Take advantage of your best opportunity to learn and master conversational Akan (Twi) at your own pace available in the Afrikan world!

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