Recording: Introductory Akan (Twi) Class 3 Online Dec 24, 2012


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Can’t make it to class? Don’t worry. With Abibitumi Kasa classes recorded in mp3 format you’ll be there even when you can’t be there!

mp3 format with pdf handout included
1 Hour, 36 minutes, 38 seconds


  1. Vocabulary on Naming
  2. Conversation on names
  3. Translations of conversation (literal and figurative)
  4. Creating your own sentences on names
  5. Exercises and activities (matching, fill in blanks, sentence creation, translation)
  6. Appendix on possessive pronouns in Akan
  7. Akan names and worldview: Significance of names in Akan society
  8. Soul names and praise names
  9. Birth circumstances and naming in Akan culture


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