Speaking Our Minds: Student Decolonization Movements in Diverse Higher Education Contexts




In this presentation Ɔbenfo Ọbádélé Kambon discusses whether or not it is possible to decolonize in the same room as the colonizer. He then gives a retrospective look at #GandhiForComeDown, which came to be known as the #gandhiMustFall movement and its origins in uMzantsi (South Afrika) when a man threw paint on the statue of Gandhi back in 2015. He then addresses how the repercussions of that movement led to censorship of the UGStaff mailing list, faculty access to the student mailing list and the death of the IAS Film Series. He then delves into the battle for conceptualization in terms of how “colonization” “decolonization” and all other derived forms centers our existence as Kmtyw on whether or not aAmw have colonized us yet and how decolonial is itself a colonial concept in defining time as a line in consonance with the aAmw (eurasian) worldview. Further, how the discourse needs to move from decolonization (cleaning cesspools) to the creation of uncolonizable spaces (like Abibitumi). This rich discussion then addresses how when our enemies diagnose our maladies, how we end up with cures that do not cure intentionally to assist in the aAmw enemies in their own survival as dependent on our continued confusion through Aggressive Ideological Mimicry (Kambon and Songsore 2021). Add this product to your digital library today to enrich your perspectives and to give you insight on cutting-edge thinking and concomitant action divergent from the controlled narrative propagated by our anti-Black enemies. Buy now, join the discussion and you certainly won’t regret it!


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