The Afrikans Who Emancipated Themselves


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Dr. Ọbádélé Kambon: The Afrikans Who Emancipated Themselves
1 August 2016
Jamrock Restaurant Grand Opening and Emancipation Day Celebration

Video (Viewable Online) and Secured PDF of PowerPoint Presentation (downloadable) Combo Bundle

Video Duration: 36:55
Secured PDF of Lecture Slides: 44 Slides

The dominant narratives about abolition of chattel enslavement tend to focus on the moral and economic motives. In this presentation, Dr. Kambon goes into the fear motive focusing on Haiti and Jamaica and THE causes of abolition in that whites understood the language of violence . According to contemporary sources, were deathly afraid that the whole world would be like Haiti if they did not transform chattel enslavement into the neo-enslavement we experience today: changing the terminology while maintaining the objectives: Afrikan=Black people working for free.


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