The Ancient Kmtyw Origins of Pan-Afrikan Nationalism: A Textual Analysis

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  • The concept and practice of unifying Afrikan=Black people (politically, economically, socially, etc.) is an ancient Afrikan=Black imperative and a concept seen in all ancient and modern Afrikan=Black empires which unified various smaller Afrikan=Black ethnic groups and kingdoms, into progressively larger socio-political groupings. As such, examples of this phenomenon of Ancient Pan-Africanism can be found in the empires of Wagadu (Ancient Ghana), Nyani (Ancient Mali), Gao (Ancient Songhay), Kȝš ‘Kush,’ Wene we Kôngo, Kilwa, Imerina, Maravi, Dzimba-dza-mabwe/Dzimba-hwe (Great Zimbabwe), Wene we Mutapa (Monomotapa), Buganda, Rwanda, Kanem-Bornu, Meroë and Kmt ‘Land of Black people’ among many others.
  • The original foreign policy thrust was to integrate more African/Black people into Kmt ‘Land of Black people’ and to incorporate more land of African/Black people.
  • Little to no interest in incorporation of or integration with ˁзm(w)Asiatics’ until very late in the history of Kmt ‘Land of Black people’

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1 review for The Ancient Kmtyw Origins of Pan-Afrikan Nationalism: A Textual Analysis

  1. Makiya Shani Shani Tamiya Mack Karimbocas

    Okunini Ọbádélé explains how pan-Afrikanism is not a new concept/movement, but rather one that is thousands of years old beginning in Kemet, land of Black people, but known nowadays as “egypt “. He provides evidence not only from thousands of years ago but even uses modern examples to show what happens when we, as Black people, put aside our petty differences and come together on the sole basis of being BLACK, regardless of location. After this presentation, you will evaluate yourself differently and you will devote yourself to supporting more BLACK interests/businesses/etc. I say that because that’s the effect it has had on me. The miseducation of these non-Black societies has taught us that its bad to support our own, and it is better to suppprt the enemy who turn around and undermine us. This is a presentation that every Black household needs to see.

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