The Context Of white Supremacy Online Radio Interview w/ Dr. Kamau Kambon Part 3 (Interviewer: Gus T Renegade)
Run time: 3:19:45
Format: mp3

  • The reality of war
  •  The state and nature of the war against us (Afrikan=Black people)
  •  evil in high places
  •  ideas and behaviors we should and should not be engaged in
  •  great Afrikans + an extended discussion of why Dr. Kambon got his Doctorate degree
  •  examples of revolutionary committedness
  •  white hella-days and the killing season
  •  getting the selves together with examples
  •  is unification necessary?
  •  whites make right wrong and confused Afrikans=Blacks make what is wrong right
  •  knowing the truth vs doing the truth
  •  question and answer
  •  etc.