VIDEO Recordings: Ɔbenfo Kamau Kambon’s The Kambondigm and the Endgame (4-Parts+Audio Bonus!)




Who: You and those Afrikans=Black people interested in Afrikan=Black Liberation on a personal transformative level

What: The Kambondigm workshop series

When: Each Sunday, September 22, 2019-October 13, 2019 1PM EDT


The purpose of the Kambondigm: an efficient and effective way to look at and examine the global, national and community world in which we live. The Kambondigm is designed to not only teach us to fully understand what is going on, but also move to crush white terror domination and deceit with Black liberation. In looking at the Kambondigm, you will see the entire picture:
*genocide-democide-wrong concepts-subtle suicide-feedback-dewhiteneniztion-re-Afrikanization-Black liberation-new architects of the Afrikan paradigm-most of the Kambondigm is self-explanatory- so look at it, study it and, if you see a need to add, modify or even delete any item, do so-
I cannot over emphasize that the Kambondigm is not static-fixed in cement; but it is dynamic-ever changing to meet the situation we are in- the framework is really beautiful.
So, study it and save your life and the lives of those who have sense-those who reject the understanding of what is really going on will die a miserable and premature death
Black liberation gets us from under white terror domination and deceit-that lead to destruction and death (of all Afrikans). The books and resources shown below verify the first domain-genocide.
All the other works, narratives and sites in this work can be found in the Kambondigm- attend this workshop and learn

Get the “ultimate solution” for your Black Liberation

Get the Step by step solution from Black liberation elder Kamau Kambon on how to protect yourself against white Terror domination and those in self-destruction mode because of it.
Learn to surround yourself with a codified process to guide you on your path to Black Liberation by walking in the footsteps of a Warrior Elder who’s tested the way.

Learn how to
* Filter truth from conflicting information
* Dewhitenize
* ReAfrikanize
* Interact with brothas and sistas who are brainwashed
* Recognize brainwashing propaganda even when it comes from people who look like you.


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