The Miseducation and Diseducation of the African: X-Live Africa "Wake up Africa" Interview



Miseducation and Diseducation of the African: XLiveAfrican Interview 3 October, 2015

Okunini Ọbádélé Kambon interviewed by Kwabena Bibini Tawia

ABSTRACT: Various means are used to miseducate and diseducate Africans of the continent and the diaspora as a means of subverting the rise of the Global African world. This subversion involves commensurate misinformation and disinformation to make sure that Africans are not aware of information in the first place and secondly that any actual information that may filter through will not be interpreted correctly. In this talk, I discuss miseducation and diseducation as impediments to Total African Liberation from under eurasian hegemony.

Duration 2 Hours, 52 minutes, 9 seconds


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