Video Recording + Slides! Asase Yaa (The Earth) – [Healing] Relationships, Theory & Analysis




What do we see Asase Yaa (The Earth) as?
How does the Afrikan define his/her relationship to Asase Yaa?
How does Asase Yaa influence our ways of studying/analyzing phenomena around us?
How does our relationship to Asase Yaa limit/reduce “science for the sake of science”?
How does consideration for Asase Yaa shape our scientific morality?

These and many other questions are tackled head-on as Okunini delves into proverb after proverb from throughout space and time to give primary-source evidence of the deep insights contained within Self-Healing Power and Therapy. You don’t want to miss out on this video as you will gain a deeper understanding of who you are in relation to Asase Yaa and who Asase Yaa is in relation to your self, your being, and your essence.

Duration: 57:25


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