X-Live Interview: Name Registry and united snakkkes military base in Ghana



In this interview, Okunini Kambon discusses the decision of the Ghana Births and Deaths Registry not to register Afrikan “title” names like Nana, Nene, Nii, and others. Okunini Kambon points out the hypocrisy of this stance in that non-Afrikan names which translate to the same thing like malik, henry, richard, king, and so forth were unaffected by the decision. The plot thickens as Okunini Kambon discusses the united snakkkes military base issue providing definitions and dealing with the leaked document that divulged the details of what the agreement is all about. If you are interested in these and other topics discussed, be sure to purchase this product now as well as the slides and presentation related to the united snakkkes military agreement that came out of this discussion. Buy now and access uniquely incisive understandings informed by research, facts, and evidence!

Duration: 45 minutes, 40 seconds


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