XLive FM Interview - On Maat & Afrikan=Black Rulers with the Power to Enforce It



Covered in this talk:

Tate Théophile Obenga on MAat
Oldest Historical Attestation of MAat as a word/concept
Oldest Mythological Attestation of MAat
Ancient Historical/Literary Texts on MAat
Prophecy of imAxw Neferti
Quarrel between Nswt sḳn.n-rꜤ and Ippi
Nswt Kamose Stela
Ahmose, son of Abana
Nswt Bity Hatshepsut
Nswt Bity Merneptah
Rameses III (Mry Imn)

Ancient Literary Texts on MAat and Rulership
42 Declarations of MAat
MAat‘s mythological parentage
The Story of the Peasant
Asr, Ast, Hr and MAat
Succession and MAat
PtHHtp’s Concept of MAat
The Archaeological record and Rulership


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