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Abibitumi Live Presents: Mwalimu Baruti – IWA: A Warrior’s Character


Mwalimu Baruti - IWA: A Warrior's Character No nation can stand as a principled, honorable power without the sense and strength of its traditional convictions.  And no people, determined to be independent, empowered and sovereign, can build and progressively maintain itself without a motivated, diligent, disciplined, respectful, knowledgeable warrior class who considers itself duty bound to defend the name and secure the existence of their people.  At the heart of every decisive warrior class we have produced, we find this IWA, these virtuous qualities and an enduring strength of mind which reflect good character at the deepest psychological and spiritual levels.  [...]

Abibitumi Live Presents: Mwalimu Baruti – IWA: A Warrior’s Character2018-02-25T01:25:16+00:00

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