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A Textual Review of Kheper


A Textual Review of Kheper “The priests of Kemet, thousands of years before Charles Darwin, noticed and defined the various cycles of growth and transformation that occurred in nature, (…the medium of shared experiences). Darwin defined these transformations as “processes of evolution.” The priests of Kemet defined these cyclical transformations as processes of Kheper..., which means, 'to transform, come into being, and grow up' (Faulkner 188). Kheper, therefore represents the concepts of transformation, duration, change, and existence. The priests used Kheper as the central theme upon which to build and describe how reality comes into being and continues to be (Montgomery [...]

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Abibitumi Live Presents: There are No Gods (or Atheists) in Kemet Pt. II


A lecture, video presentation, and discussion of Neteru with Seba Akinjide Bonotchi Montgomery - Instructor Abibitumi.com and the Institute for Kemetic Philology.  Attend by joining Live Streaming Room at the specified time: https://zoom.us/j/579161903 The best arbitrator for understanding all aspects of Kemetic culture is the Medew Netcher text. Thus, in order to establish a bottom line foundation for our discussion, I will examine, by way of translating, three Kemetic texts that deal with ontological/spiritual issues. These translations will be used to offer a more practical understanding of nTru as living – functional - principles of nature. As opposed to a God [...]

Abibitumi Live Presents: There are No Gods (or Atheists) in Kemet Pt. II2018-03-11T08:03:32-04:00

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