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GAME: Let’s Compare African Languages, Including Ancient Egyptian (for Amateurs)

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This group is designed to be a fun, interactive language group for everyday Abibiman ("Africans"; "Blacks" in Twi) to get to thinking and discussing similar words and objects they find across African languages. This is by no means a scholarly group, but designed for everyday Africans to have fun and encourage them to learn new words and concepts. The more different languages Abibiman can connect together as related, the more family-like Abibiman will behave. Even if the comparisons are not true, as games on Abibiman (African) languages, objects and concepts become a more popular, common discussion, the more Abibiman (Africans) will enter formal training/initiation for comparing languages and objects. Lets just encourage everyone to have fun sharing Abibiman (African) words and becoming an echo chamber. Let's just make this game catch on and enjoy the ride. "htp"

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