Inspired By reAfrikanization & dewhitenization

We offer a wide range of high quality teaching and activities aimed at restoring Ma’at!


Abibitumi is primarily an educational institution specializing in live online and offline teaching of various Afrikan languages; most notably, Akan (Twi), Yoruba, Wolof, Mdw Ntr (Hieroglyphics), and Kiswahili. Classes are held in the online classroom using state-of-the-art streaming audio and video technology. Abibitumi also offers classes on a wide variety of topics pertinent to Afrikan Liberation and the Afrikan experience throughout the global Afrikan world as taught by a variety of instructors from throughout the Afrikan world. In addition to the live classes, Abibitumi also offers a community forum where Afrikans from throughout the Afrikan world can discuss various topics in and about Afrikan Languages, Education, Economics, Social Systems, Health and more!!!


Abibitumi Communiversity is devoted to reAfrikanization, dewhitenization, and the ultimate restoration of Ma’at!

  • Black (Kmtyw) Pan-Afrikanism – our students and members come from throughout the global Afrikan=Black world

  • Pan-Afrikan=Black living – we encourage learning and growth

  • Afrikan=Black people first – correct, life-saving Afrikan=Black education is a right not a privilege

If you prefer to study in your own time and at your own speed then one of our e-learning packages may be right up your street.


Abibitumi is dedicated to the complete and total liberation of Kmt ‘Afrikan=Black people’ and modern Kmt ‘the land(s) of Afrikan=Black people’ throughout the Afrikan=Black world from under domination by eurasians and their anti-Afrikan/anti-Black collaborators. As such, Abibitumi seeks to reclaim and/or create systems and tools designed by Afrikan=Black people for the benefit of Afrikan=Black People in the interest of complete and total Afrikan=Black Liberation, Self-Preservation, Self-Determination and Survival in each and every area of human activity.

We are about continuing the work of our Ancestors by reAfrikanizing. Abibitumi is about Afrikan Liberation. Afrikan Liberation is about the freedom to learn/be who we are (Our Ancestors) and freedom from being who we are not (as inculcated by our oppressors).

  • As Afrikans, we have a commitment to the survival, advancement, and maximization/fullest manifestation of Afrikan potentiality of the Afrikan world.
  • We are committed to create and maintain the space that will permit us to develop the necessary skills, motivation and drive to create the necessary focus – individual and collective –  to re-construct the Afrikan personality and the Afrikan world towards the Afrikan Survival Thrust.
  • We must strive to consistently analyse, document, listen and speak with as much clarity and accuracy as befits a people with a profound tradition of respect for Maat (Truth) and Maat (Accuracy).
  • A study of our collective history, spirituality, educational and socialization processes, economic and political structures is essential and must be pursued ceaselessly.
  • We are Afrikans=Black People and we are a collective people across space, time, energy and matter. We belong to the Afrikan family and we have an eternal and unnegotiable connection to the Afrikan world across space and time.

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