Kemet South Up Map [#3 of 3 in collection] $20


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100 in stock

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Description presents
African Centered Maps
Maps that re-orient your Mind

African history is best understood when viewed from a South Up perspective.
Humans and thinking began around the Mountains of the Moons and the Great Lakes of Africa.

These maps are based on the ancient nation of Kemet and its language Medu Netcher.
In that language East is on the left side and West on the right side.
Upper Kemet is in the southern part of the country and the north is down
towards Europe.
Maps available at
$20.00 each or all three for $50.
Shipping costs charged separately.
18″x24″ high gloss brightly colored South Up map with legend shipped in a tube mailed the day your order is received.
References and support material available for African centered institutions.


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