Lesson 7: Intro Conversational Akan (Twi) PDF + Embedded Audio


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Lesson Seven:

(Requires the latest version of Adobe Reader available from:


Learn the vocabulary, written orthographical rendering, sounds (embedded

complete translations in english and definitions of new words

Learn using an actual conversation in Twi, plus embedded audio

Learn how to say the following essential common greetings and

phrases in Twi
with detailed figurative and literal translations and audio examples:

to be big
to be small
to be wide
to be good
to be hard
to be plentiful
to be scarce
to be new
to be old
to be good
to be bad
to be long
to be short
to be dark/Black
to be red/light-skinned
to be slim
to be ugly
to be beautiful (of a person)
to be scary/frightening
to be amazing
to be quiet
to be fast
to be slow
to be white
to be old
to be sickly
to be in between/medium
to be big
to be wise (have wisdom)
to be healthy/strong (have hard body)
We call you how?
Your mother, her name is what?
As for your father, they call him how?
Where did you use to live?
You are from where?
We gave birth to you at where?
We raised you at where?
You have eaten years, how many?
Your height is feet how many?
Your inside’s weight is pounds how many?
You like what?
You do what work?
We call me _____.
Her name is _____.
As for my father, they call him _____.
I used to live _____.
I’m from _____.
We gave birth to me at _____.
We raised me at _______.
I have eaten years _______.
My height is ________.
My weight is pounds ______.
I like ______.
I’m a _________.
I’m happy
I’m hopeful
I’m brave
I’m generous
I’m arrogant
I’m peaceful
He’s cruel
You’re dignified
They keep me overly busy
He/she is prone to theivery.
He’s hard-headed
He’s crazy
He she is serious/stern
I crave food
I’m hungry
You’re hardheaded
I’m angry
I’m stingy
I’m sad
I’m embarrassed
I’m ashamed

Text also includes six (6) activities and exercises to reinforce learned
greetings and vocabulary.


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