Lesson Three: Intro Conversational Yoruba PDF + Embedded Audio


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Lesson Three:

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Learn Yoruba greetings, written orthographical rendering, sounds (embedded

complete translations in english and definitions of new words

Learn using an actual conversation in Yoruba, plus embedded audio

Learn how to say the following essential common greetings and

phrases in Yoruba with detailed figurative and literal translations and audio examples:What is your name?
What is his/her name?
What are y’all’s names?
What are their names?
My name is _____.
His/Her name is _____.
Our names are ______ and ______.
______ and ______ are our names.
Their names are ________.
Mention my name.
Mention your name.
Mention his/her name.
Mention our names.
Mention y’all’s names.
Call his/her name
Your name is _____.
My name is ____.
His/her name is ___.
Y’all’s names are ___ and ____.
Our names are ____ and ____.
Their names are ___ and ____.
____ and ____ are their names.
Adékôlá – The crown collects honor
Adégbìtê – The crown receives the throne
Adéælá – The crown of honor
Adélêy÷ – The crown has dignity
Fálétí – Ifá has ears
Fágúnwà – Ifá straightens character
Fágbèmí – Ifá supports me
Fáy÷mí – Ifá befits me
Olúfêmi – The Supreme Being loves me
Olúyêmisí – The Supreme Being honors me
Olúsànyà – The Supreme Being avenges suffering
Olú«êgun – The Supreme Being wins victory
Orímolóyè – The Orí (head) knows who will be chief
Orímaládé – The Orí knows the owner of crowns
Oríyæmí – The Orí delivered me
È«úbíyìí – È«ù gave birth to this
È«úgbàyí – È«ù saved this
Òrì«ágbèmí – Òrì«à (Æbàtálá) supported me
Òrì«àlà«÷ – Òrì«à is power (to make things happen)
Òrì«àbùnmí – Òrì«à gives me
Awódélé – The Awo (master of secrets) arrives at the house
Ayöôrìndé – Joy walks (and) arrives
Ògúnlèsì – Ògún (Divinity of war and iron) has a response
Ògúnmôlá – Ògún sticks to honor
Ògúnrìndé – Ògún walked (and) arrived
Ògúnladé – Ògún is the crown
Ædêdínà – The hunter blocked the way
Ædêgbáròyé – The hunter listened to the complaints
Ædêyalé – The hunter paid a visit to the house
Ædêkù – There are hunters left
Akíny÷lé – The brave one befits the house
Akínwùnmí – The brave one pleases me
Akíntúndé – The brave one arrives again
Awólàjà – The Awo settles the fight
Awósanmí – The Awo is better for me
Awólôwö – The Awo deserves respect
Odùúyæyè – The Odù (Divine utterance) rejoices over the title
Odùúwælé – The Odù enters the house
Odùútôlá – The Odù is enough for honor
Odùúbëlà – The Odù pleads with the Lord of Being
»ólàñkê – A seer is who we are cherishing
»óyínká – Seers surround me
»ówándé – The seer searched for me and arrived

And much more including conversation

This is what you need to really get serious about your Yoruba language learning.

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