Recording: Akan (Twi) Workshop: Mmɔfra Agorɔ (Children’s Games) [1 mp3/1 pdf]


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Akan (Twi) Language Workshop: Mmɔfra Agoro (Children’s Games)

RECORDING: Intensive Workshop: Intensive Workshop: Akan (Twi) Language Round Table Topic: Mmofra Agorɔ

Why: Classes at Abibitumi Kasa are very structured with the goal of getting students conversational by the end of the 8 class session.

The goal of this particular workshop is to complement our classes with instructor-moderated open dialogue focused on a specific area of mastery: Mmofra Agoro’children’s games’. A text by the same name laments the fact that traditional games are being lost and forgotten in favor of european games like football, checkers and the like. This text we will cover in the workshop aims to preserve knowledge of these games and the benefits that they have in teaching skills and traditional wisdom before such games are lost to future generations.

In this workshop, by special request, we will focus on games and their associated songs using excerpts from the text Mmofra Agoro. The Round Table is open to Abibitumi Kasa students, past and present, as well as the Afrikan community at large. Participants are welcome to bring any questions they have about the language!

This particular round table session will give you an opportunity to learn in a fluid open environment as well as practice your language skills live and in real time with others who are interested in moving further in the language. Whether your needs are in the area of pronunciation, reading, writing, hearing or cultural proficiency, this intensive workshop is for you.

Who: All Afrikans (Continental and Diasporan) interested in learning Twi

What: Intensive Workshop: Akan (Twi) Language Round Table Topic: Mmofra Agoro – Children’s Games

Cost: $15

When: The recording was made Friday June 22, 2012 [2 hours, 4 minutes, 27 seconds in duration]

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