Recording: Introductory Akan (Twi) Class 1 Online Feb 2, 2013

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Can’t make it to class? Don’t worry. With Abibitumi Kasa classes recorded in mp3 format you’ll be there even when you can’t be there!

mp3 format with pdf handout included
2 Hours, 11 Minutes, 27 Seconds

  1. Alphabet and Sounds of the Twi language
  2. Sound combinations and diagraphs
  3. 73 Common phrases and expressions
  4. Subject pronouns and sentence constructions

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3 reviews for Recording: Introductory Akan (Twi) Class 1 Online Feb 2, 2013

  1. Eric Nicey

    It starts off a little slow. But the pdf worksheets provided for the lesson were extremely helpful in pronunciation! Often times when I’m not speaking to anyone who speaks Twi lol which is never… I wonder if I am pronouncing things and words right. This lesson with the documents provided gave the right balance between incorporating what we already know from (eruasaian’s) english into learning the pronunciation of sounds in Twi, with sounds we are already familiar with saying. If that makes sense. Also, included is important information about our Akan Afrikan brothers and sisters’ culture as it relates to learning Twi, and the way words are used to show kindness or respect.

  2. Kwame Quainoo

    BlackTastic classes!
    I entered into this class as a Twi beginner meaning that I was able to say around 5-10 short sentences or words.
    Right now I am working on class 5 and I can already speak and interact with the elders and other Twi speaking members of my family. My family is shocked (positive) about the accuracy in my speaking and I am getting to know especially the elders on a deeper level since I speak to them in Twi!
    The recording covers a lot of context and side bars that explain a lot of the Akan cultural backgrounds. In interaction with my Twi speaking family I experienced that this knowledge is nearly as important as the ability to speak it’s self.

    The sound quality could improve here and there, therefore ‘only’ 4 of five stars.
    Meda wo ase paaa! Thanks a lot!

  3. Chance Luckett

    Some minor tech problems in this lesson, so it starts slow but it picks up towards the middle. Also, some history and culture is given for some of the words. Good start.

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