The Blacktrix by Ɔbenfo Kamau Kambon & Okunini Ọbádélé Kambon [PDF + Excel]


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Ɔbenfo Kamau Kambon and Okunini Ọ̣bádélé Kambon at the Sankɔfa Conference

by Ɔbenfo Kamau R. Kambon and Okunini Ọbádélé Kambon

[PDF + Excel Spreadsheet]

The Blacktrix for UtMost Blackumental

Extermal & Internal United Blacktion

(A Business Plan for B*E*I*N*G)

(The Matrix for MonuMENTAL Action)

Analyzing and Cataloging the Static/Dynamic Conceptual and Behavioral Aspects of the Global InterLocking System of white world terror domination and genocide against Afrikan People (by the white people who are terrorists)

The Blacktrix below is designed, in part, to give Black people a specific way to Analyze and Catalog all of the behaviors and actions of the white world dominators by terror. The Blacktrix for UtMost BlackMENTAL External & Internal United Blacktion looks at all of the areas of Life Activity: psychological, cultural, educational, health, social, economic and other areas and demonstrates how the white people rule over the unsuspecting enslaved people in each area. In each area of Life Activity, you will see specific examples of how white control is exercised and exerted over the people. In addition to Analyzing and Cataloging white concepts, behaviors, tricks, attitudes, beliefs, and general white world views, YOU will be able to Analyze and Catalog YOUR own behaviors, attitudes, belief, concepts and determine how you either aid white people in their exploitation and domination over Afrikans or counter their work with your every individual action. This Blacktrix is extremely important for Black people because we are so used to keeping up with the white people and the Joneses, now we can really keep up with them and, more importantly, we can keep up with OUR OWN (different) SELVES!! For example, if you are “Set In Your Ways”, this attitude can be measured and translated to mean, “You are not open for new information (Self-Education) and you are accelerating your own death by way of Subtle Suicide”. This is just what the white people want you to do! There will be more examples to follow, along with explanations. Perhaps more importantly, The Blacktrix will enable all Black people to measure/calculate, and be United, in every single in thought, word and deed (Blacktion) we deal with on a moment by moment and daily basis. The Blacktrix is a Description, a Prescription and an Indictment of behavior that is out of order and ultimately will put each person in the right direction toward solving every single problem we face-economic, cultural, social, physical, psychological, educational, spiritual, etc.

“Your task is to think of other ways, in each area, white world terror domination is carried out every minute of every day. The top part of The Blacktrix is designed to show some of the instruments used to ‘keep Black people under lockdown’. Although the following example is not listed on The Blacktrix, it will demonstrate the power of the white world terror dominators: these terror dominators have CONQUERED the concept of beauty by defining it as blond hair, blue eyes, a thin nose, thin lips and white skin. By the white conquest of this concept, Black women measure themselves by the white definition, and white images that are projected in the media, and will virtually kill their own hair and skin to meet the criteria of ‘beauty’ or ‘beautiful’ These same ‘Black’ white women will swear up and down their decision to dye (die) their blond or red was a completely independent decision and they did it by their own choice. What makes slavery so effective is that the slave doesn’t know he/she is a slave, in fact.”

Obadele Kambon and Baba Kamau at a wedding

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