What was Israel in Relation to Black People? The Danger of a Single Story

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The aim of this study is to present historical sources that provide Afrikan-centered perspectives on what Israel was in relationship to kmtyw ‘Black people/Ancient Egyptians.” This study draws from ancient and classical historical texts that 1) identify the expulsion of the Hyksos with the Exodus story and 2) document the manner in which that expulsion took place. We find that there are significant differences in narratives regarding the nature of the Exodus/Expulsion, however, many people are only familiar with a single biblical story. In conclusion, as students and as scholars, it behooves us to research into primary historical sources to transcend the danger of a single story.

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1 review for What was Israel in Relation to Black People? The Danger of a Single Story

  1. Makiya Shani Shani Tamiya Mack Karimbocas

    Throughout the Diaspora, we have two things in common: the one-sided knowledge of a single story and a lack of knowledge about our ancestors. In this presentation, Okunini Obadele gives a detailed account with copious evidence as to the danger of that particular single story that we all know as the jews being kicked out of Kmt /”Egypt”. Additionally, he keeps the presentation informative while actively engaging the audience and keeping them interested. Most people in the diaspora never asks the critical question, “why were they kicked out?”. One-sided stories like this leads us to cheer for our enemies who always undermine us, while “booing” at our ancestors, who were actually acting in the best interests of our people. I highly recommend investing in this presentation; you won’t be the same.

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