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Kasahorow Afrikan Language Keyboards!


File Summary + Labels Uploaded Size Yoruba.exe Microsoft Windows Installer for Yoruba  OpSys-Windows Type-Installer Sep 15, 2013 5.34MB Yoruba.mpkg.zip Mac OS X Installer for Yoruba  OpSys-OSX  Type-Installer Sep 15, 2013 57.52KB Hausa.exe Microsoft Windows Installer for Hausa  Type-Installer OpSys-Windows Sep 13, 2013 5.34MB Hausa.mpkg.zip Mac OS X Installer for Hausa  Type-Installer  OpSys-OSX Sep 13, 2013 57.48KB Gikuyu.exe Microsoft Windows Installer for Gikuyu  Type-Installer OpSys-Windows Sep 12, 2013 5.34MB Gikuyu.mpkg.zip Mac OS X Installer for Gikuyu  Type-Installer  OpSys-OSX Sep 12, 2013 57.54KB Wolof.exe Microsoft Windows Installer for Wolof  Type-Executable OpSys-Windows Sep 10, 2013 5.34MB Ga.mpkg.zip Mac OS X Installer for Ga  Type-Installer  OpSys-OSX Sep 8, 2013 59.12KB Gbe.mpkg.zip Mac OS X Installer for Gbe  Type-Installer  OpSys-OSX Sep 8, 2013 64.25KB [...]

Kasahorow Afrikan Language Keyboards!2018-09-15T19:19:36-04:00

Ama Kambon Addition and Multiplication using Wolof Numerals (Base 5 & Base 10 mix)


Ama Kambon learning numbers in Wolof. The number system of Wolof incorporates principles of addition (based on 5 and 10) and multiplication (based on 10)

Ama Kambon Addition and Multiplication using Wolof Numerals (Base 5 & Base 10 mix)2016-01-12T16:50:34-04:00

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