Kasahorow Afrikan Language Keyboards!

File Summary + Labels Uploaded Size
Yoruba.exe Microsoft Windows Installer for Yoruba  OpSys-Windows Type-Installer Sep 15, 2013 5.34MB
Yoruba.mpkg.zip Mac OS X Installer for Yoruba  OpSys-OSX  Type-Installer Sep 15, 2013 57.52KB
Hausa.exe Microsoft Windows Installer for Hausa  Type-Installer OpSys-Windows Sep 13, 2013 5.34MB
Hausa.mpkg.zip Mac OS X Installer for Hausa  Type-Installer  OpSys-OSX Sep 13, 2013 57.48KB
Gikuyu.exe Microsoft Windows Installer for Gikuyu  Type-Installer OpSys-Windows Sep 12, 2013 5.34MB
Gikuyu.mpkg.zip Mac OS X Installer for Gikuyu  Type-Installer  OpSys-OSX Sep 12, 2013 57.54KB
Wolof.exe Microsoft Windows Installer for Wolof  Type-Executable OpSys-Windows Sep 10, 2013 5.34MB
Ga.mpkg.zip Mac OS X Installer for Ga  Type-Installer  OpSys-OSX Sep 8, 2013 59.12KB
Gbe.mpkg.zip Mac OS X Installer for Gbe  Type-Installer  OpSys-OSX Sep 8, 2013 64.25KB
Akan.mpkg.zip Mac OS X Installer for Akan  Type-Package  OpSys-OSX Sep 3, 2013 59.12KB
Mossi.exe Microsoft Windows Installer for Mossi  Type-Installer  OpSys-Windows Sep 2, 2013 5.34MB
Mossi.mpkg.zip Mac OS X Installer for Mossi  Type-Installer  OpSys-OSX Sep 1, 2013 57.66KB
Wolof.mpkg.zip Mac OS X Installer for Wolof  Type-Installer  OpSys-OSX  Wolof Aug 4, 2013 57.56KB
anysoftkeyboard-ghanaian_v1.1.apk Android keyboard layouts for some Ghanaian languages Type-Installer  Android Jun 5, 2013 92.34KB
Ga.exe Microsoft Windows Installer for Ga  Type-Installer  OpSys-Windows Ghana May 25, 2013 5.34MB
Gbe.exe Microsoft Windows Installer for Gbe  Type-Installer  OpSys-Windows Ghana May 5, 2013 5.34MB
Akan.exe Microsoft Windows Installer for Akan  Type-Installer  OpSys-Windows Ghana Apr 9, 2013 5.34MB
HOWTOInstall4MacOSX.pdf kasahorow for Mac: Installation Manual  Type-Docs  OpSys-OSX Featured Feb 27, 2013 393.94KB
HOWTOInstall4WinXP1.pdf kasahorow for Windows: Installation Manual  Type-Docs  Featured OpSys-Windows Feb 27, 2013 651.52KB
anysoftkeyboard-ghanaian.apk Android keyboard layouts Mar 27, 2011 90.27KB
kasahorowforWindows20100124.zip Microsoft Windows Installer v. 20100124  Featured OpSys-Windows Feb 5, 2010 16.36MB
kasahorowforMacOSX20090413.mpkg.zip Mac OS X Installer v. 20090413 (Panther, Tiger and Leopard)  Featured  Type-Installer  OpSys-OSX kasahorow Apr 13, 2009 130.93KB
kasahorowforWindows20090323.zip Microsoft Windows Installer v. 20090323  Type-Installer OpSys-Windows  kasahorow Mar 23, 2009 16.33MB
kasahorowforMacOSX20090316.pkg Mac OS X Installer v. 20090316 (Leopard)  Featured Type-Installer  OpSys-OSX  kasahorow Mar 16, 2009 64.1KB
kasahorowforMacOSX20090310.pkg Mac OS X Installer v. 20090310  Deprecated Type-Installer  OpSys-OSX Mar 10, 2009 64.21KB
kkeyboardGH.zip kasahorow Keyboard Installer for Windows (GH) Type-Installer  OpSys-Windows  Ghana  Deprecated Mar 9, 2009 6.65MB
KasahorowLaunchpad.zip kasahorow Keyboard Installer For Windows OpSys-Windows  Type-Executable  Ghana Jan 28, 2009 1.34MB
kasahorowforMacOSX20081231.pkg Mac OS X Installer v. 20081231  Type-Installer OpSys-OSX  Deprecated Dec 31, 2008 56.77KB
kasahorowforMacOSX20081227.pkg Mac OS X Installer v. 20081227  Featured Type-Installer  OpSys-OSX  Deprecated Dec 29, 2008 43.98KB
kasahorowforMacOSX.pkg Mac OS X Installer v. 20081225  OpSys-OSX Type-Installer  Deprecated Dec 26, 2008 17.15KB

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