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Kasahorow Afrikan Language Keyboards!


File Summary + Labels Uploaded Size Yoruba.exe Microsoft Windows Installer for Yoruba  OpSys-Windows Type-Installer Sep 15, 2013 5.34MB Yoruba.mpkg.zip Mac OS X Installer for Yoruba  OpSys-OSX  Type-Installer Sep 15, 2013 57.52KB Hausa.exe Microsoft Windows Installer for Hausa  Type-Installer OpSys-Windows Sep 13, 2013 5.34MB Hausa.mpkg.zip Mac OS X Installer for Hausa  Type-Installer  OpSys-OSX Sep 13, 2013 57.48KB Gikuyu.exe Microsoft Windows Installer for Gikuyu  Type-Installer OpSys-Windows Sep 12, 2013 5.34MB Gikuyu.mpkg.zip Mac OS X Installer for Gikuyu  Type-Installer  OpSys-OSX Sep 12, 2013 57.54KB Wolof.exe Microsoft Windows Installer for Wolof  Type-Executable OpSys-Windows Sep 10, 2013 5.34MB Ga.mpkg.zip Mac OS X Installer for Ga  Type-Installer  OpSys-OSX Sep 8, 2013 59.12KB Gbe.mpkg.zip Mac OS X Installer for Gbe  Type-Installer  OpSys-OSX Sep 8, 2013 64.25KB [...]

Kasahorow Afrikan Language Keyboards!2018-09-15T19:19:36-04:00

Ama Kambon Learning Arithmetic in her 3rd Language: Yorùbá (Base 20 System)


Yorùbá is a vigesimal (base 20 system) that incorporates mathematical operations such as multiplication, addition and subtraction in the regular names of individual numbers. As such the word for 20, for example is two twenties ogójì. Yorùbá is Ama's L3…

Ama Kambon Learning Arithmetic in her 3rd Language: Yorùbá (Base 20 System)2016-01-11T14:31:32-04:00

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