Kiswahili Classes at begin August 14th, 2022!

-Kala Kambon                 3rd August, 2022

“Elimu ndio mwanga uongozayo kufikia yote mema.” (Knowledge is the light that leads to everything wonderful). – Swahili Proverb

Kiswahili classes are Black and back for yet another eight week beginners course, starting on Sunday, August 14th, 2022, 1-3pm Eastern time at! 

Taught live and online by Kenyan Instructor, Mkalimu Karuga Mwangi, these classes will be an all encompassing, cultural introduction into the language that will enable students to become conversational in Kiswahili and enriched in the knowledge of one of the many languages of our ancestors.

“This Kiswahili class is unique because I present it from an Afrikan-Centered perspective, which molds the teaching to reflect Afrikan history, ideas and experiences throughout the planet,” said Mkufunzi Mwangi, when asked what sets this online class apart from any other Kiswahili language learning course. “…Beyond just communication, inside the language there is a store of enormous knowledge which my students and I unravel with each new lesson.”

The aim of the course is, “to teach the language in its most authentic form for students to be able to decode and integrate effectively in a Kiswahili- speaking environment as well as to express themselves using Kiswahili in an authentic way…,” he said.

Kiswahili is the most widely spoken Afrikan language in the world, boasting 16 million native speakers, and 82 million secondary speakers worldwide, according to

“It is spoken in up to 10 countries in East, Central and Southern Afrika. It is also spoken in Afrikan diasporas in the americas and europe, and has been associated with the Black Liberation Movement for decades now,” explained Mkalimu Mwangi.

Taught once a week for two hours, the Kiswahili class doesn’t involve just in-class learning. “Students will have the opportunity to engage the teacher with any queries anytime within the class-dedicated group page on This, together with a weekly homework, aims to make the learning of Kiswahili a continuous process and not just meeting once a week,” he said.

“Having undergone intensive and rigorous teacher training at Abibitumi, Mkalimu Karuga’s class is excellent and comes highly recommended, along with the supplementary Kiswahili flash cards,” says Abibitumi.con Founder, Ɔbemfo Obadele Kambon.

This unique online language course is not to be missed.  There is no other authentic online Afrikan-centered space to engage in interactive, live, intensive classes that will allow for the type of Uhuru (liberation)-focused learning like Abibitumi. And, as the proverb above says, having that knowledge will lead to something BlackPowerful, BlackTastic, and BlackNificent for those who attend! invites all Black people to check out the upcoming class and subsequent classes in Kiswahili, as well as Twi, Wolof, and Yoruba, coming in October of this year!

For more information and to Sign Up Now for the Beginners Kiswahili Course on, click Here:

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