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    2 weeks, 3 days ago
  • I have finally been able to log back in to abibitumi. Since my last time here, there have been many developments…both good and not so good. First and foremost, the worst is that I think Ghana is going to be out of reach for me. :( I have had things fall through on so many levels and I know it takes a lot to sustain ones’ family in places like…Read More
    • Good to have you back. Is Ghana the only destination you considered? What type of work?

      • We’re glad to have you here! I hope they start using the site as well. You mentioned that your person was able to put the tones in. Did you have a final version of what he/she produced to share?

        • Dr. Kambon, Greetings! I do have the lessons with the tones. I am working on the final portion of the curriculum but will need some direct support which the young man is unable to provide. The final part of the curriculum is designed to introduce and develop writing and reading skills. Additionally, my Kiswahilli person has fallen through. So, the…Read More

        • Even so, I am positive about it. We have Yoruba, with the tones for the second and final parts of the curricuum and not the first part. It is coming together! I will see you all in the Mbongi session.

      • Greetings Kwadwo! Ghana is the only place that I know through personal friendships are welcoming us. I have a few contacts there but they’ve been fairly indirect about any process to get there and actually survive. It seems one must have an excess of funds saved and own a business of some kind that can sustain you. I may have the business side,…Read More

  • I’m looking for photos on the continent for a program I am developing. I need vivid colors, happy people. Anyone interested in helping me with that?
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