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About me

T. Luna Imhotep, M.Div.

Owner & Holistic Therapists At Asase Ye Duru Holistic

T.Luna Imhotep, is a lover, nurturer and healer of self and those she loves deeply. She holds a Master of Divinity, and is a certified Kemetic Reiki Therapist, Certified Womb Wellness specialist, trained full spectrum Doula, Emotional Healing Facilitator and is working towards her certification as a Natural Health and Wellness Consultant (Traditional Naturopath). She is the CEO and Founding Coordinator of Ascension Travelers Holistic Retreat Coordinators, and Owner and Consultant of AYD Holistic Wellness & Womb Wellness/Fruits of Mother Earth Holistic Birth Support. She is also an ever evolving being, apart of the new wave of Ascended Beings. Her words come from multiple lifetimes of experience and are a part of the continuation of the work she is grateful to bring to assist the World towards healing.


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