Christaller Dictionary of the Akan Language [PDF] 612 pages


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Christaller Dictionary of the Akan Language [PDF] 612 pages

Rare expanded 1933 edition with two appendices digitized by Abibitumi Kasa!

This edition sells for up to $489 on rare book sites.

Widely considered to be the most comprehensive dictionary of Akan written to date containing many technical terms and words long lost and forgotten by many contemporary Akan speakers

612 Page J.G. Christaller Dictionary of the Akan (Asante, Akuapem and Fante) Language (PDF file)

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    The Christaller dictionary has been essential to my Twi studies. Since I bought this item my language development has increased significantly. I play \”word of the day\” games and just find myself browsing through for fun. With this resource in hand, you will be able to translate Twi text and build your vocabulary. In my opinion, all Twi students should add this document to their arsenal!