Intro Twi 3 Hour Intensive Workshop Text + Audio [PDF + mp3]


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[PDF + mp3]

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18 Page Full Color Document + 1 Hour Plus of Sparkling Clear Audio

Adesua nhyehyɛɛ (Syllabus)

Ɔfa a ɛdi kan (Part 1) Twi Kasa Nnyegyeɛ: Sounds of the Twi Language

Ɔfa a ɛtɔ so mmienu (Part 2) Twi Nkyea: Twi greetings

Ɔfa a ɛtɔ so mmiɛnsa (Part 3)

Anobuo (akontaabuo) nneɛma: Numbers

Ɔfa a ɛtɔ so nnan

(Part 4) Onipadua: the human body

The workshop will cover:

1) Pronunciation of Twi
2) Twi alphabet + examples
3) Greetings in Twi
4) Twi Numbers (If time permits)
5) Body Parts in Twi (If time permits)

If you have been interested in getting involved in the Twi classes at Abibitumi Kasa (Black Power Language) but have missed classes, this will get you caught up.


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