29. SSS Video Recording: 🟥⬛🟩 Sirigu-Style Painting Workshop with Sogossira Sanou!

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Who: Sogossira Sanou, our artist-in-residence from Burkina Faso
Where: On Site at xmnw: Abibitumi Ahemfie Headquarters and Online
What: Teaching how to do Sirigu-Style Painting
When: Saturday August 20, 2022 at 2PM
Why: So that you can learn an ancient way of house painting and its accompanying meaning
How: Join us on site or online for another BlackPowerful workshop to not only raise consciousness, but to raise behavior!
About Sogossira Sanou:

I am Idrissa SANOU  plant painter. I live in Bobo-Dioulasso which is my hometown in the west of Burkina Faso .

I make BOGOLAN which is an Ancestral African practice of plant-based tinting: root broth, plant leaf and earth mixture applied to cotton fabrics. Through these techniques I have the possibility of giving another life to the cotton which is widely grown in my country.

My work and my achievements

I make emblematic and historical world figures on clothes and accessories that are often made with artisans from the city (weaver and dressmaker) and many other hand or interior facings.

From Bamako to Burkina Faso

Since my return from Bamako in Mali where I did my training, I launched my personal workshop which is COTON-NNIN, the concept of which is to promote my art from Bobo-Dioulasso and to train the people who go there. interested.

The workshop and its team

I work with a youth variant team that I formed. Some come from time to time to do their own work, taking advantage of the space and the tools I have.

1 review for 29. SSS Video Recording: 🟥⬛🟩 Sirigu-Style Painting Workshop with Sogossira Sanou!

  1. Ɓatɨ-Ijɔ̄ Bɛsoŋ

    This workshop IS A MUST WATCH!! It was very educative and there were a lot of lessons I learned from it.
    It was a live testament to the fact that it is possible to revive our ancient forms of indigenous practices, that are applicable and relevant in present times. This implies searching in our various communities and documenting those practices related to people activity which are on the verge of extinction at the expense of foreign ways of living.
    I appreciated the fact that Sogossira clearly explained a deep connection with his art and Spirit. A lesson for me was that in all we do, we need to seek guidance, direction and protection from Spirit, in other words there is a deep connection with spirit when we are in alignment with the elements of nature. A confirmation for me that creating sacred art has a lot of spiritual significance.
    I suggest that there be a part 2 of this workshop probably to demonstrate how the paint is mixed or perhaps what type of painting is used.
    In this workshop, Sogossira also thought me the importance of being the best at what you do.

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