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Scholarship of Baba Akinjide Bonotchi Montgomery

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This group is dedicated to the scholarship Akinjide Bonotchi Montgomery and his work in Medew Netcher, Kemet, and the culture of Afrikans worldwide.

Akinjide Bonotchi Montgomery, Brother Bonotchi has been a student of African culture for over forty years. He began his study of African culture, philosophy and spiritual systems began in 1976 with Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan and Professor George Simmons of New York. Brother Bonotchi has traveled to Egypt with Doc Ben in 1981 and with the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization in 1987. Through his association in ASCAC he was able to meet and become a student of Dr. Rkhty Amen and Dr. Theophile Obenga. From 1989-1999 he studied the Medu Neter language with these two scholars. Based on encouragement from those two scholars Bro. Bonotchi began teaching the Medu Neter language in African communities across the country.

As a founding member of the Medu Neter Study Group of Detroit he studied the Yoruba language and cultural system with Chief Kola of Ifa. This relationship resulted in him becoming a Yoruba Initiate in 1995. The members of our study group also studied Akan spiritual system with Baba Ishangi during the 90’s. With such a background Brother Bonotchi has become a noted philosopher, lecturer and scholar of the Medew Netcher language and African philosophy. In conjunction with Nisu, Mut Weret (Our Royal, Great Mother) Rkhty Amen and ASCAC he has been one of the major components of raising the level of discussion and study of Kemet from what other state about Kemet to the voice of Kemet, the Medu Neter text. Bro. Bonotchi has been listed in the Imhotep magazine on African Philosophy; San Francisco State University School of African Philosophy, as a “philosopher who is working on the shaping of African classical studies, having Kemet as an historical base.” Imhotep Magazine Vol.1. 2000.

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June 16th the Kambon family had a major family emergency.  Dr. Kambon’s wife Kala and children were involved in a serious car accident and admitted to the hospital.   All are doing well and recovering.

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