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Tia Robinson (Ochanya Ama)

Eternally a Student of Life

Habari Gani,

I am the 4th Child of 7 siblings. I am the daughter of an amazingly gentle yet wild man. Our close relationship (along with my grandfather), cemented my love, loyalty, and affection for black men.  I have 3 adult sons of which I am delighted and proud.  I can mention my B.A.S degree (from a PWI) in Criminal Justice, but it only cements my disconnection with the Afrikan worldview.  I was always proud to be a black woman, but watching Dr. Ben & Dr. Clarke's videos, helped to awaken what was missing in my life. With the assistance of Dr. Marimba Ani,  I was awakened to discover my Afrikan Woman self. I then started watching Dr. Ray Hagins videos on religion, & it all started to make sense to me.  I started researching Ourstorical point of view & here I am...A Wonderful Afrikan Woman In Progress. Unlearning to Relearn my History and Rightful place in this world. I believe in Black Love & the Black Family although we need to heal and have a lot of work to do. So, Sankofa it is

❤ Oh Yeah,

I am a New Gardener and even though I currently reside in cold MN,  I grow organic herbs, vegetables, and fruit. I have an indoor greenhouse and this is my Joy.


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