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Nana Ohemaa Ama Anane Yeboa Botwe (Francesca Abbey)Offline

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About me

Nana Ohemaa Ama Anane Yeboa Botwe

Nana Ohemaa

I am a divine spirit having a physical experience in the here and now called Nana Ohemaa Ama Anane Yeboa Botwe Francesca Abbey.


Francesca is the name that was given to me by my mother at birth. My last name Abbey (a Ghanaian name), I acquired through marriage. Ama Anane Yeboa Botwe was a name given to me by an Akan Chief Priest when I was initiated into the Akan priesthood.


I am Beninese by maternal ancestral origin. Although I was born in the US, Africa certainly runs through my veins.


I am an old-fashioned truth-seeker, seeking to remember our cosmic esoteric knowledge, which is simply basic truths of who we are, where we came from, and why we’re here.


My passion is involved in the evolving, enlightening, learning, teaching and researching, truth.

In August of 1987, I was initiated into the Akan priesthood as a Priest of the deity Nana Adade Kofi and I was given the name Ama Anane Yeboa Botwe by Nana Yao Opare Dinizulu, the Omanhene (king) and the Okomfohene (chief priest) of the Bosum Dzemawodzi, the (Ghanaian) Akonedi Shrine in New York.


Nana Yao Opare Dinizulu, my predecessor, was initiated by his predecessor, Okomfohemmaa Nana Akua Oparebea, the Okomfohene (chief priest) of the Akonedi shrine in Larteh, Ghana. She was initiated by her predecessor, Okomfo Nana Amma Ansaa, the previous Okomfohene (chief priest) of the Akonedi shrine in Larteh, Ghana.


As an Akan priest, after one year of training, I was required to complete the finale of my priesthood training in Ghana. So, in August of 1988, I traveled to Ghana with Nana Yao Opare Dinizulu and a large group of Akan priests of the Bosum Dzemawodzi Akonedi Shrine of New York to visit the Okomfohemmaa, Nana Akua Oparebea, the Okomfohene (chief priest) of the Akonedi shrine in Larteh, Ghana in the village of the Ashanti people of Ghana.


My interests are in the areas of Parallel multiverses, Quantum Physics, Mind Matter Interaction, Morphogenetic fields (how the human consciousness is shared), The Photon Belt & Pleiades, Auras, ancient writing forms, Telekinesis, Psycho kinesis (PK), Telepathy, Law of Attraction, The HAR1 gene, the Sirius Star and so much more. I also enjoy African drumming, writing poetry, lyrics and short stories, crocheting, painting, sculpting and computer graphic design,


Are you walking your talk? I’m certainly walking my talk! Let me describe how:

  1. I serve the Almighty Most High Great Spirit Olódùmarè; Nana Burukúú, Mawu Lisa, Mami Wata, Papa Legba and our family Egungun. I am the keeper of our families ‘African traditions; our family lineage and I am one of the family historians.
  2. I take full responsibility for teaching our families’ youth about our royal heritage, passing on our legacy to the next generation.
  3. And now that I’m done talking my talk, I’m now walking my walk. I’ve gotten my affairs, documents and finances in order, I’m packing my most essential necessities, saying farewell to family, friends and acquaintances all in preparation for my repatriation to Africa.
  4. When I arrive in Ghana, I intend to hit the ground running, rolling up my sleeves, ready to work hard to help in any way I can to restore our homeland to its greatness!


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