Lesson Four: Intro Conversational Yoruba PDF + Embedded Audio


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make it to class? Learn independently and at your own pace

with the streamlined
materials you need to become fluent in no time!

Lesson Four:

(Requires the latest version of Adobe Reader available from:


Learn Yoruba greetings, written orthographical rendering, sounds (embedded

complete translations in english and definitions of new words

Learn using an actual conversation in Yoruba, plus embedded audio

Learn how to say the following essential common greetings and

phrases in Yoruba with detailed figurative and literal translations and audio examples:

Where are you living?
Where is he/she living?
Where are y’all living?
Where are they living?
I’m living (at) _____.
He/she is living (at) ______.
We’re living (at) ___.
They’re living (at) _____.
Where are you from?
Where is he/she from?
Where are y’all from?
Where are they from?
I am from _____.
He/she is from ______.
We are from  ______.
They are from ______.
A child of where town are you?
A child of where town is he/she?
A child of where town are y’all?
A child of where town are they?
A child of ____ am I.
A child of ____ is (he/she).
A child of ____ are we.
A child of ____ are they.
Excuse me, Fúnnkê.
Where do you live?
I live in Ìbàdàn. And you?
I live in Ilé Ifë.
What town are you from?
I’m from Lagos. And you? Where are you from?
I’m from Ò«ogbo.
That’s cool. See you soon.
See you soon.

And much more including conversation

This is what you need to really get serious about your Yoruba language learning.


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